We exist to inspire and empower everyone to move and live more sustainably – one payment at a time.

Part of Mobilize Financial Services

Mobilize Pay aims to contribute to sustainable change as a new subsidiary of MobilizeFinancial Services, which is a brand of RCI Banque S.A. Therefore, we combine the banking expertise of Mobilize Financial Services with the mobility expertise of Renault.

Our Team

We are a diverse, international mix of ambitious and dedicated people. We enjoy developing new products and services for our customers in the areas of payment, mobility, and sustainability.  

As a company, we value self-determination, decision-making, and problem-solving –always focusing on our customers and their needs.

Our Leadership

Our leaders have extensive experience building new businesses in a wide variety of industries. They bring the entrepreneurial experience, skills, and most importantly, the mindset necessary to move Mobilize Pay forward in its mission.


Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They determine our goals, how we get there and which products or services we offer to achieve them.

Nachhaltigkeit ermöglichen

Nachhaltige Optionen sollen nicht mehr teuer oder kompliziert sein: Wir möchten sie allen Menschen leichter zugänglich machen.

Nachhaltigkeit leben

Für uns ist Nachhaltigkeit kein nachträglicher Gedanke. Sie ist unsere Grundlage und beeinflusst alle unserer Entscheidungen.

Zukunft gestalten

Wir wissen, dass das Heute morgen nicht mehr relevant ist. Deshalb handeln und lernen wir schnell, kreieren ständig neues und entwickeln uns weiter – und geben uns dabei nie mit weniger zufrieden.

Klares Design

Weniger ist mehr – wir wollen nachhaltiges Handeln so einfach wie möglich machen: Nur einen Klick oder Zahlungsvorgang entfernt.

Begeisterte Menschen

Die Menschen stehen immer im Mittelpunkt unserer Arbeit: Dafür hören wir ihnen gut zu und setzen unsere diversen Lösungen und Services passgenau um.

Echte Transparenz

Ob für unsere Banking-Services oder für unsere Funktionen rund um E-Mobilität und CO₂-Reduktion: Wir arbeiten nur mit nachweislich vertrauensvollen sowie zertifizierten Partnern zusammen.

Sustainability through accessibility

Sustainable options should no longer be expensive or complicated: We want to make them more accessible to everyone.

Driven by devotion

For us, sustainability is not an afterthought. It is our foundation and influences all our decisions.

Build for the future

We know that tomorrow, today is no longer relevant. We act fast, and learn fast to stay relevant – constantly creating, ever-evolving and never settling for less.

Simple by design

Less is more! We want to make sustainable action as simple as possible: Just one click, tap or payment away..

Inspired by people

People are always at the center of our work: We listen to them carefully and develop products that they love – and truely benefit them.

Transparency is key

Everything we do is fully transparent – ans we only work with trustworthy and certified partners.

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