Easy e-charging


The great My Renault charging network:

The Charge Pass can be activated easily in the My Renault app, providing access to Europe's largest charging network: 400,000+ charging points in more than 25 countries to ensure relaxed travel.

Charge, pay, ride!

With the Mobilize Pay Card, all e-charges and all your other purchases can be paid for quickly and securely – even contactless.

Thanks to the powerful charging stations in our network, which offer up to 350 kW of charging power, there's plenty of driving time and less charging time.

Credit card + integrated charging card

400,000+ charging points in Europe

Mobilize Pay offers one of the largest European charging networks: For relaxed charging in over 25 countries – and more to come soon!

Available charging stations can be found quickly and easily in the My Renault app.

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Driving Score

It's that simple: use the app to evaluate your own Driving Score and get points for safety and eco-efficiency. Personalized tips will help you to improve the way you drive.

Score points, gain benefits: a high score unlocks worthwhile discounts on car insurance, repairs, and car washes!

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My Renault

One account for all services:
Easily find charging stations and enjoy discounted rates for e-fueling.
Connect with Connected Car services for the best car experiences.
Always keep track of maintenance services, etc. for a worry-free life.

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Driving Score

We use leading technologies to process relevant GPS vehicle data for meaningful analyses of your driving safety and eco-efficiency.


Just drive, we evaluate! (only after official customer approval)


Receive points while learning how safe and sustainable your driving style is.


Improve your driving style through personalized tips as well as unlock discounts.

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