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Mobilize Pay's fully digital in-app account opening feature lets you get started in no time, enabling you to manage your finances from anywhere and at any time with optimal protection through state-of-the-art security measures.

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Our Mobilize Pay Card offers convenient payment and usage options that adapt easily to your lifestyle and that can be customized with just a few clicks within the app for maximum flexibility.

ChargeCard: If the Charge Card is activated, you repay the full amount of the loan in one go, straight after each billing cycle.

By activating the revolving credit feature in the app, you can use the MobilizePay Card as a credit card, paying off the outstanding amount in flexible monthly installments of your choice.

Net loan amount: 1,000 euros, Debit interest rate (variable): 17 % p.a., effective annual interest rate: ≈18.4 %, repayment installment 30%, minimum repayment 50 euros; term: 9 months, number of installments: 9, amount of first installment: 303.77 euros, amount of last installment: 34.07 euros, total amount: 1,051.26 euros, lender: Solaris SE

100 % digital
100 % personal

TheMobilize Pay Card offers a fully digital experience, from opening an account on your smartphone to contactless payments. We are 100 % fair and transparent when it comes to fees - no last-minute surprises!

If a problem or question does arise, our dedicated customer care team is on hand to resolve it.

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Safe, for sure!

We always use cutting-edge security and fraud detection measures.

We use secure payment methods as well as two-factor authentication to protect our customers' money.

Any questions? Our customer care team is happy to help.

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Mobilize Financial Services

We are proud to be part of Mobilize Financial Services – the banking and services subsidiary of Groupe Renault. 4.7 million people are already customers of Mobilize Financial Services.

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