Carbon Tracking


Making your carbon visible

To help you to understand and improve your personal footprint, we show relevant emissions data based on all your payments and through voluntary additional information.


Detect carbon emissions from transactions, based on relevant factors.


Compare your monthly carbon footprint with the German average.


Closely track the development of your carbon balance through spending categories.

Carbon Tracking

Based on all your payments made with the Mobilize Pay Card, you can see your own carbon footprint at a glance and evaluate it by comparing it with the German average.

We use the latest and best technologies to map each carbon footprint calculation as accurately as possible.

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Easy-to-follow comparisons from everyday life help you to better understand your own carbon emissions and the associated effect on nature even better.

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Personalized Ecotips

Individual tips in the app inspire you to reduce your personal environmental impact - starting with your highest emission categories.

How we personalize ecotips

Emissions by category

How does your own footprint develop each month? A detailed breakdown by category helps you to understand.

From mobility through leisure to food: we can determine a realistic carbon footprint.

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Our sustainability standards

Every day, we pursue our mission to inspire and empower everyone to live and move more sustainably - with every single credit card payment. To do this, we are constantly optimizing our tools and services to provide as much transparency and value as possible.

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Feedback Loop

The best source for optimization: our customers! That is why we sometimes ask questions on various topics, so we too can improve.

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Climate Profile

Quickly answering a few lifestyle questions helps us to increase the accuracy of the carbon footprint.

Open Sustainability Registry

The OSR pursues the goal of making important climate data openly accessible worldwide.We have adopted their "Open Standard" methods. For this, the latest scientific findings as well as machine learning are used to transform payment data into country-specific and personalized ecological footprints.

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