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Offset carbon more effectively and support global climate projects - with every credit card payment!

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For more effective climate protection

Mobilize Pay not only makes e-mobility easier and helps you understand and reduce your own carbon footprint - Mobilize Pay also offers a sustainable bonus program to support climate projects worldwide.

Less carbon with every card payment

  • All payments and purchases with the Mobilize Pay Card are rewarded with valuable Møbi Points.
  • Møbi Points are sustainable bonus points in the Mobilize Pay app that support great climate projects every month: To help the environment, fight climate change and reduce your own carbon footprint.
  • All global climate projects from our network are Gold Standard certified and aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better future..

Many partners – zero compromises

As committed credit card providers, we never leave anything to chance anyway - and when it comes to climate protection, we don't do that either: All sustainable projects from our network that are committed to environmental and climate protection are Gold Standard certified.

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